Three Product Levels: Basic, Pro & Analytics

WinePulse Basic
3 Dashboards track automatically your DTC performance and measure your progress against your Peers.

WinePulse Basic Dashboards offer an at-a-glance summary of metrics and sales by channel. Use the Daily, Monthly & Yearly Dashboards to compare your sales against your Peers and previous year’s performance. See numbers of Tasters, Average Order Value, Wine Club signups, Sales Associate performance and more.

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WinePulse Pro
10 Dashboards provide detailed analysis of your performance across all DTC channels

WinePulse Pro Dashboards deliver additional insight into your performance versus your Peers, plus extra Tasting Room and Wine Club dedicated dashboards. Analyze number of Tasters, Wine Order Conversion Rate, Tasting Room and Ecommerce Average Order Values, Wine Club Signups & Signup Conversion Rate.

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WinePulse Analytics
Additional 70+ Analytics Reports. Track goals. Segment customers based on purchase behavior.

WinePulse Analytics combines all the features of the Pro product plus 70 advanced analytic reports and enables you to drive improved performance by providing a deep-dive into all aspects of your business. Report on overall DTC sales and trends, or individual channels: Tasting Room, Wine Club, Ecommerce & Events. Customer Analysis by region, product, sales and RFM to segment your customers for targeted marketing campaigns. Set Monthly & Annual Goals for your Sales by channel, Tasting Room and Wine Club metrics. Track your performance Daily and compare against your Peers.

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