The Wine Club Metrics Wineries Should Be Tracking

April 7, 2021

The Wine Club Metrics Wineries Should Be Tracking


When it comes to your wine club, what metrics are you tracking and how are you currently determining your success? The more insight you have, the more room you have to improve, identify at-risk customers, understand why members are churning, learn what’s working well for your club, and what contributes to your overall growth. 

To help wineries better understand their success - We’re sharing the key metrics wineries should be tracking that will provide the most insight into their wine club performance.

Club Membership Growth
Month over month, you should be paying attention to if you are attracting new members or remaining stagnant. Club member growth is determined by net new members that join your wine club every month and is a direct reflection on how well you are signing up new members and retaining existing members

Tasting Room Wine Club Conversion Rate 
Wine club conversion rate = the amount guests that convert to wine club members. You can monitor this daily, weekly, and monthly to gain insight into if your guests are converting into members. You can even measure at a sales associate level to see who is performing best and what’s working in the tasting room. This is done by dividing new club sign ups by total tasting room visitors who were not already club members 

Average Tenure

Average tenure refers to how long a member stays with your club. The average wine club subscriber keeps their subscription for 18-36 months. With insight into this metric, wineries are able to make better-informed decisions for their members, determine where the drop-off is throughout their lifespan, and learn where they can interfere to reduce member attrition. 

Club Average Order Value

Club average order is the average sales per order for wine club members. This is an important insight to understand, are your members adding to their orders, do they have the ability to customize? This metric can help wineries identify new tactics that will increase member order value such as offering more flexibility, personalized collections, and so on. 

Attrition Rate

Attrition rate refers to the turnover you see in your club members, quantifying how many people will leave your club. The most beneficial way to measure this is to measure this monthly. Total member cancels vs the total members at the beginning of the month. Monthly attrition of 2-3% is considered healthy for wine clubs.

While wineries are not limited to tracking only these metrics, it’s a great place to start to better understand how well your wine club is performing. These key metrics will allow wineries to leverage insights to make better-informed business decisions, gain visibility in where they can improve, and ultimately help grow their wine clubs.


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