WinePulse Basic

Take your pulse daily | Against your Peers | Against last year's performance
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Daily Pulse

The Daily Pulse dashboard refreshes every night and provide's insight into yesterday's performance. View Tasters, Sales by Channel, Average Order Value, Wine Club signups, Top Product Sales, Sales Associate performance. How did your last 7 days Tasting Room Sales compare with your Peers?

Monthly Pulse

Refreshed every night, the Monthly Pulse shows your monthly performance for Sales by Channel, Tasters, Sales Associates, Wine Club signups and active Club members, plus how these metrics compare with the same month last year. Compare your Tasting Room and Ecommerce sales performance with your Peers.

Yearly Pulse

Your performance year-to-date including Sales by Channel, Tasting Room Sales, Tasters, Wine Club signups and Active Club members, all compared with your last year's performance and the performance of your Peers.