WinePulse Pro

DTC, Tasting Room and Wine Club Analysis | Deep-dive on Peers performance
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DTC Overview

Daily, Monthly, and Yearly dashboards, refreshed every night, providing at-a-glance view of overall DTC performance. Sales is displayed by channel, customer type, department and product and is compared with previous year's performance. Sales associates performance is show together with the growth of your Wine Club.

Peers Comparisons

Monthly and Yearly Peers dashboards provided real insight into how your performance compares with that of your Peers. Daily and monthly Tasting Room sales and number of tasters are charted alongside those of your Peers. Sales by channel trend is compared with previous year and your Peers' performance versus last year. Compare your average order value, wine order conversion rate, Wine Club conversion rate and growth with your Peers.

Tasting Room

Daily, Monthly and Yearly dashboards dedicated to Tasting Room performance. Tasting Room sales are broken down by order type, product type, department, product and sales associate. Key metrics, such as: number of tasters. average order value, wine order and Wine Club conversion rates, are displayed showing the trend versus last year's performance.

Wine Club

Monthly and Yearly dashboards dedicated to your Wine Club metrics. Top 10 clubs by members and sales | Change in active members | Signups | Conversion Rate | Average Order Value | Average Lifetime Value | Average Tenure. Compare metrics with previous year's performance.