Tips & Tricks #3: Sales by Order Type

Our Tips and Tricks series designed to highlight special features of WinePulse and teach you a couple of things you might not know. Have an idea of a tutorial or report you’d like to see in more detail? Let us know!

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Different ways to see Sales by Order Type

Featured Report: Orders Paid in Inventory Not Picked Up or Not Shipped

This wonderful report will allow you to drill down to each individual bottle paid for but hasn't been picked up or shipped yet. It is located in Inventory > Orders Paid Still in Inventory. You can select all products or even a specific product to view. With each (+) sign, you have the ability to click and see more detail- Customer Number and Order Number with date purchased. You can then cross reference this and contact your customer to follow up on the order. 


Do you know how to edit your automatic email subscriptions?

In the Tool Bar on the top right, Select the gear icon, then Select My Subscriptions.
Click on Edit, then you can change the frequency, timing, etc. for all of your automatic Report Subscriptions.