Tips & Tricks #4: Track Promotional Code Sales

Our Tips and Tricks series designed to highlight special features of WinePulse and teach you a couple of things you might not know. Have an idea of a tutorial or report you’d like to see in more detail? Let us know!

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New Report! Tracking Promo Code Daily Sales

Featured Report: Wine Club Tenure by Sales Associate

This report is located in Wine Club > Sales Associate Performance > WC Members Tenure by Sales Associate. 
In this report, you can see the Wine Club sign-up count, the percentage of members still active, and the average tenure for each Sales Associate. We recommend looking at a full year date range at a minimum to get a clear picture. 

With each (+) sign, you have the ability to click and see more detail. This will show you each Wine Club in detail for each Sales Associate. 

Can you print or export Dashboards to PDF?

The Dashboards you see on your main WinePulse account page were designed to be viewed on your electronic device and cannot be printed or exported. BUT- In most cases this information is also in a printable/exportable report. In DTC, Tasting Room, and Wine Club, there is a section of reports titled Paginated Reports. These Paginated Reports contain the same information as the Dashboards. When you are viewing these reports, simply click on the Printer Icon and a new window will open to export to PDF and Print. Or, click on the Export PDF button and a PDF will automatically be created from this report.