Tips & Tricks #1: Analyze Year over Year Trends

This is the first of our weekly Tips and Tricks series designed to highlight special features of WinePulse and teach you a couple of things you might not know. Have an idea of a tutorial or report you’d like to see in more detail? Let us know!

How to Analyze Year over Year Trends

Featured Report: Wine Club Membership Loyalty

One of the newest reports that was created is the Wine Club Membership Loyalty report. It is located in Wine Club > Membership Analysis > Membership Loyalty. You can run the report for your top or bottom customers detailing between 5 and 100 customers in a selected date range.

This report details the sales for the top Wine Club Members including their purchases in the Tasting Room, E-commerce, Events, and more. It enables you to get a true and full picture of the buying habits in all areas of your business for your best customers. You are able to identify which customers frequently purchase in the Tasting Room, E-Commerce, or attend Events. This is very useful information when you create targeted marketing campaigns to capture more revenue or show customer appreciation. Conversely, you can run the same report for your Wine Club members with the least amount of purchases.

Did you know?

When you see the UP/DOWN arrows next to a column header, you can click on it and sort the information alphabetically or numerically!