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Our Story

Once upon a time, a Corsican boy met a Californian girl. It was a match made in heaven—or maybe just a really good San Francisco coffee shop. Together, they packed their bags (and their dreams) and jetted off to Paris, trading fog for baguettes. There, they fell head over heels—not just for each other, but for wine and its captivating culture.

With the arrival of their beloved daughter, the plot thickened, and the trio ventured to the heart of Central Coast Wine Country, embarking on their greatest adventure yet.

Remy, a tech wizard with a knack for numbers, and over two decades as an ERP consultant under his belt, conjured up WinePulse in 2019. His mission? To help wineries uncork the potential of their data, boosting productivity, skyrocketing sales, and enhancing customer engagements—showing that numbers can be as exciting as a popping vintage champagne!

Jenni, having mastered the art of wholesale wine sales back in California, thrived on forging genuine connections. She paired food, wine, and top-notch service as effortlessly as sommeliers pair cabernet with steak. Early in 2024, she joined the WinePulse crusade, steering the marketing and sales ship with flair and a touch of finesse.

And let’s not forget Nina, their daughter and the real boss at WinePulse. As the self-appointed Human Resources Manager, she resolves ownership disputes (usually over who gets the last cupcake) and ensures that ‘fun’ remains a key performance indicator in the office.

Along with a merry band of a handful of others, this team is on a quest to revolutionize how wineries view their business, one data point at a time.

Meet the Owners


About WinePulse

WinePulse is the leading analytics platform tailored for the direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine industry, developed in close collaboration with our winery partners to ensure practicality and precision. Composed of two core components—WinePulse Analytics, offering robust DTC reporting capabilities, and ChatDTC, an innovative AI-driven tool for analyzing DTC data and performing complex customer segmentation—our platform is built on a foundation of continuous improvement. As a technology-driven company, we are committed to constantly introducing new features and innovations to adapt to the ever-changing needs of wineries. These integrated solutions empower wineries to delve deep into their data, providing clear, actionable insights that enhance sales, improve operational efficiency, elevate customer interaction, and facilitate smarter business decisions.

Our thriving community.

Hundreds of wineries trust WinePulse as their partner in DTC analytics and insights. 
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