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ChatDTC AI-Powered Assistant

Transform data analysis into a simple conversation using natural language and pinpoint the exact information you require with ease.


Get the insights you need through intuitive dialogue and dive into intricate details about customer segments, product preferences, sales channel effectiveness, and buying patterns with precision. 

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Hands-off analytics.
Leave the data crunching to ChatDTC. Our AI-powered assistant handles complex calculations and analyses so you can say goodbye to manual pivot tables and spreadsheets.

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Natural Language Conversation

Conversational data analysis. ChatDTC offers a seamless way to interact with your data. Interact naturally, ask questions as they arise, and understand your data with simple, intuitive responses.

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Drive Sales and Customer Retention

Understand your tasters and customers on a new level—what they prefer, when they buy, and why they come back. Boost your DTC sales performance and implement retention strategies that keep your customers engaged and loyal.

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Easily Extract and Export Data

Get quick and relevant answers to your queries, transforming data into actionable information. ChatDTC transforms complex data into clear, actionable information and easily exports directly from your chat.

Explore ChatDTC

Turn complex data into actionable insights with natural language conversations.

Discover sample prompts designed to reveal hidden opportunities across your DTC channels. Boost sales, improve customer engagement, and drive growth with the power of AI.

Potential Club Signups

Learn how you can use ChatDTC to better understand customers and their purchasing history to help boost sales across other DTC sales channels. For example, using specific customer segmenting to understand customers that have never been a member. See it for yourself below!

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Reengage Club Members

Learn how you can use ChatDTC to reengage club members and boost online sales. Generate detailed information on current club members and those who haven't purchased in a specific time period. Export to CSV and begin your targeted marketing approach.

Sales Projections and Goals

Effortlessly pull insights to set goals, forecast sales, and identify trends across sales channels. Gain instant access to historical sales data, and make informed decisions to drive explosive year-over-year growth for your winery's DTC business.

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Turn every question into dynamic dialogue

"Provide a list of club members who only bought wine through their club shipments last year.”

“Who are the customers who have purchased online at least twice but have not purchased online in the last 6 months?”

"Analyze the SKUs purchased by first time buyers in the last 6 months and give me the top 5 Wine SKUs they were buying”

“Give me a projection of my sales by channel for Q1 based on the last 6 months trends”

Results that speak for themselves.

“In the short time we have been using ChatDTC,

we have already found so many incredibly helpful applications within our DTC database world. From running simple inquiries to more complex data work that would have taken a team member hours to complete, I know that ChatDTC will prove to be an invaluable resource for our teams moving forward.”

Chloe Tyer, Executive Director 

Lawrence Wine Estates

“ChatDTC is a powerful tool that simplifies complex data, translating intricate queries into plain English. This streamlined process is saving time and effort in data analysis. In a data-centric world, ChatDTC emerges as a game-changer, transforming the way we interact with and derive insights from our data.”

Kateland Harvey, Director of Sales & Marketing

Domaine Drouhin Oregon


Ready to Unlock the Power of AI?

ChatDTC is the first AI-powered assistant that allows wineries to have effortless, natural language conversations with their DTC data. Ask questions about your customers, orders, and club members, and easily export critical data. Learn more and discover the future of AI and winery POS data. 

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