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Building a case for DTC reporting solutions

Multiple spreadsheets, manual sorting and downloading reports, filtering and searching for insights, spending hours breaking through complicated data - does this sound like you? Listen, we get it. Although understanding performance is critical, data is complicated and detailed reporting is time consuming. 

Unfortunately for many wineries, there isn’t always an available resource to dedicate to this function of the business, and that’s where DTC reporting solutions come in. We want to educate wineries on the additional benefits that come along with DTC reporting software - let’s dive in. 

  1. Make better informed business decisions

Ultimately, data is the driving force behind making calculated, proactive decisions, but breaking through this wall to uncover quick insights can be overwhelming. Many businesses are data rich, but knowledge poor - they have the data but they don’t have the clear insights and knowledge coming from the data and are unaware of how to leverage data to increase sales. When reports are automatically generated and sent to their inbox, wineries can immediately uncover what’s working, where there is room to improve, and are then able to make educated decisions that make sense for their business goals moving forward. For example, ecommerce sales are trending downwards - maybe you want to spend time there vs. additional initiatives in the tasting room. 

DTC reporting solutions unlock insights in real time for wineries so that they can quickly understand what’s happening across their sales channels, and where to focus their efforts.

  1. Achieve operational excellence

With a streamlined solution, all DTC channel data is reporting into the same place. Imagine having every report you need to fully understand your winery’s performance sent automatically to your inbox every day. Not only that, but having the capability to look back at previous months and years, as well as performance year to date. 

With automatic reporting, wineries are able to access all of their winery data, detailed analysis, and reports in one centralized location, and are able to save time by eliminating any mundane, manual processes to achieve ultimate efficiency. 

  1. Unlock trends & insights across DTC channels

Many can look at data and understand what seems to be performing well and what isn’t - but uncovering trends across all sales channels may be a different story. With an automatic reporting solution, actionable insights are delivered automatically and provide clarity into DTC sales channels and efforts. For example, wineries can learn which channels are best performing and why, how customers are interacting with their brand, uncover why it takes customers 3 purchases before becoming a member, and where there may be opportunities to improve your business efforts. 

  1. Gain insight into consumer purchasing behaviour

When all customer data is filtering into one place, every order placed by any customer through any channel is available in one location. With this type of data, wineries are able to view orders over time and channels to identify preferred methods of purchasing down to the individual customer. This helps wineries understand where consumers are likely to purchase, where people are converting, average order values, and more. 

The more insight into consumers and consumers purchasing behaviours, the better wineries can target and identify opportunities for sales, segment customers effectively, and better communicate with at-risk customers.

  1. Learn how you stack up against peers

Tracking performance is great - but have you ever wondered how you stack up against others in your region? With DTC reporting solutions, you gain the insight you need to understand how your winery compares to other wineries in the region by sales channel, wine club sign-ups, and overall growth alongside your peers. You can even view daily, monthly and yearly dashboards to compare trends and support business decisions. 

Ready to streamline your data and eliminate manual processes?

Gain instant visibility into winery DTC channel performance, metrics, and trends with WinePulse. Save time, streamline data, and better understand your winery’s DTC data and performance through automated reports and detailed analysis. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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