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How to track tasting room metrics against your peers

Tasting rooms are reopening and wineries are gearing up for their busiest season. While the top priority for winery staff is to ensure that all guests have a positive experience, how can wineries really determine the success of their initiatives across the tasting room?

It’s critical for wineries to pay attention to their tasting room metrics, but it’s also important to understand how your winery compares to other wineries in the region. When wineries have a glance into how well peers are performing, it gives them the insight they need to set benchmarks and learn what others are doing to drive better results. 

When it comes to tasting room metrics in the context of peers analysis, we recommend starting with these key metrics. 

Number of Tasters

You guessed it! This metric refers to the number of guests and tasters you see in your tasting room. Are you seeing more or less traffic? In the context of peers analysis - are you seeing more or less tasters than other wineries within the region. This helps to understand how well you are attracting visitors to your winery. 

Wine Average Order Value

Are your tasting room visitors purchasing wine when they leave your winery? If so, what is your average wine average order value? To track this metric, calculate your average order value from guests by only including wine products, and watch to see if your order value trends upwards or down over time. Keep in mind, all wineries don’t offer wine at the same price point, however, it still gives great insight into where you stand amongst peers. 

Wine Order Conversion Rate

It’s important for wineries to note their Wine Order Conversion Rate. How many tasters are you converting to buyers of wine? Once you find this conversion rate and compare it to peers, your winery can determine if you are converting more or less than the average winery in your region. This provides insight into how well staff is able to sell the experience of your winery in the tasting room.

Wine Club Conversion Rate 

This one is similar to the wine order conversion rate, but rather than converting to orders, you are tracking how many tasters (who were not club members) you are converting into new wine club signups. When it comes to peer analysis, you are looking to see if you are converting more or less tasters than others. The average customer purchases 3 times from a winery before becoming a club member. 


Get started with Peer Analysis. 

Are you ready to gain better insight into your tasting room metrics and how you stack up against peers? From automatic monthly peer analysis reports to complete metrics and dashboards, WinePulse has you covered with all of the insight you need to track your winery’s performance.

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