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Let’s talk numbers: October DTC Performance and 2023 YTD Review

It’s always a good time to dive into key metrics and understand winery performance. 

Discover what's effective, identify areas that might need extra focus, and pinpoint where DTC sales channels are performing, and what metrics to pay attention to that will drive success. 

Let’s review the numbers as of October 31st 2023 year-to date (YTD) and how these numbers compare from October 31 2022.

Overall DTC Sales Performance

Overall DTC sales performance YTD is down, but only by -0.31%. With the holiday season quickly approaching, there’s an opportunity for wineries to focus on their efforts, engage with customers and members to offer experiences, promotional offers, and overall drive sales. 

Sales by Channel: Wine Club

Year-to-date performance for Wine Clubs has seen an increase of 4.45%, which is great news for clubs. Maintaining this momentum is crucial for wineries to continue to drive new members and more sales through their current members. 

However, it's important to note that this positive overall performance masks some concerning trends, particularly in the declining numbers of active memberships and signups.

Wineries can utilize WinePulse to identify members at risk and proactively reach out to those who are approaching the average tenure at which members have historically canceled their memberships. This strategic approach will help in sustaining and enhancing the wine clubs’ success.

Sales by Channel: ECommerce

Year-to-date, Ecommerce sales have experienced an 11% decrease, indicating a slowdown in performance. Given this decline, now is a great time to lean in on key metrics and data to develop a strategic approach to targeting and marketing to current customers. 

Consider reaching out to customers who have previously purchased wine or visited the Tasting Room but haven't made online purchases yet. Additionally, targeting customers who made purchases during the same period last year, particularly around the holidays, and offering enticing special promotions could be an effective strategy to revitalize sales.

Just Remember..

With strategic marketing campaigns, refining customer segmentation, and taking proactive steps to retain club members and valuable customers who may be at risk. Wineries can leverage data to effectively engage with your customers effectively and enhance your DTC sales and performance.

How WinePulse can help

With 200+ winery clients utilizing the platform, WinePulse includes 80+ analytics reports and 14 dashboards to easily track tasting rooms, wine clubs, events, eCommerce, and email data to help wineries unlock insights and gain clarity into their winery performance and metrics. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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