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Understanding your club: The essential metrics to boost club retention and members signups

When it comes to your clubs and members, knowledge is power, and understanding the data that drives success is essential. In this blog, we'll share how harnessing critical metrics can be the key to boosting member retention and driving new signups.

Let’s explore 4 key insights and strategies to ensure your wine club thrives.

1. Average Tenure

Average tenure refers to how long a member stays with your club. The average wine club subscriber keeps their subscription for 18-36 months. With insight into this metric, wineries are able to make better-informed decisions for their members, determine where the drop-off is throughout their lifespan, and learn where they can interfere to reduce member attrition.

2. Wine Club Conversion Rate 

Track the percentage of visitors to your winery or website who become wine club members. Understanding your conversion rate can help optimize your marketing efforts.

You can also pay close attention to the tasting room wine club conversion rate, which is the amount guests that convert to wine club members. You can monitor this daily, weekly, and monthly to gain insight into if your guests are converting into members. You can even measure at a sales associate level to see who is performing best and what’s working in the tasting room.

3. Club Average Order Value (AOV)

Club average order is the average sales per order for wine club members. This is an important insight to understand, are your members adding to their orders, do they have the ability to customize? This metric can help wineries identify new tactics that will increase member order value. Encourage upselling or cross-selling to increase AOV.

4. Segmentation and Personalization Metrics

Analyze data to segment your wine club members based on preferences, demographics, or purchase history. Tailor marketing messages and offerings to these segments to boost engagement and sales. 

There are many ways to use personalization and segmentation through customer analysis reporting, you can learn more in our blog here. 

While these metrics just scratch the surface of how data can help, it’s a great place to start. These key metrics will allow wineries to leverage insights to make better-informed business decisions, gain visibility in where they can improve, and ultimately help grow their wine clubs.

How WinePulse can help

With 200+  winery clients utilizing the platform, WinePulse includes 80+ analytics reports and 14 dashboards to easily track tasting rooms, wine clubs, events, eCommerce, and email data to help wineries unlock insights and gain clarity into their winery performance and metrics. Schedule a demo to learn more. 

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