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WinePulse unveils ChatDTC, an AI-Powered Assistant redefining POS data analytics

January 16, 2024

Paso Robles, California, January 16, 2024 -- WinePulse, the leading DTC analytics solution for wineries, is delighted to announce ChatDTC, its groundbreaking AI innovation in POS data analysis. The first-of-its-kind AI-powered assistant allows wineries for effortless, natural language conversations with the data stored in their POS. 

"WinePulse has always been about innovation and empowering wineries with data-driven insights," said Remy Sabiani, Owner of WinePulse. "Our analytics reporting solution has helped hundreds of wineries leverage their data. With ChatDTC we are bringing even more value to their businesses and unleashing the power of AI to perform targeted and complex analysis of their POS data." 

Many wineries today struggle with the amount of data contained in their POS. They wish they could articulate in simple terms what they are looking for or what they are trying to achieve with their data. Using the most advanced AI technology, ChatDTC facilitates this conversation between the user and their POS data turning every inquiry about their data into a dynamic dialogue with actionable insights. 

"I am very excited about the launch of ChatDTC. ChatDTC has the ability to simplify data analysis by allowing our users to use everyday language”, said Andrew Kamphuis, President of Commerce7. "It's an excellent option for wineries looking for a user-friendly and efficient solution to navigate complex information. We are excited about the positive impact it will bring to wineries.”

Some of the key features of the product include:

  • Dialogue with POS Data: Say goodbye to complicated queries or pivot tables. Interact with your data in plain English.

  • AI-Powered Assistant: Wineries can now harness the potential of AI to perform complex analysis of their data or implement detailed customer segmentation.

  • Unlock Actionable Insights: ChatDTC transforms your winery data into meaningful information, providing quick and relevant solutions to your queries with easy exporting capabilities.

WinePulse will present ChatDTC at the Wine DTC Symposium in Concord, CA on Wednesday, January 17th. Everyone attending is invited to stop by our booth to get a demo.

Learn more and see examples of how you could start using ChatDTC with your POS data:


About WinePulse 

WinePulse is the leading direct-to-consumer (DTC) analytics platform for wineries. It is composed of WinePulse Analytics, already used by hundreds of wineries, and ChatDTC, a cutting-edge AI-powered assistant to analyze POS data. WinePulse helps wineries unlock insights from their data and delivers clear, actionable results to help drive sales, boost performance, increase customer engagement, and make better-informed business decisions. Learn more at

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