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WinePulse and Digimatic Partner to Deliver Email Campaign Analytics for Wineries

Napa, January 18th, 2022

WinePulse, the leading DTC Reporting solution for wineries, is the first reporting solution to provide analytics that aggregate email automation and campaign data with detailed sales and order information in one centralized location.

“If you’re not optimizing your email marketing, you are leaving easy money on the table,” Bodie Paden, Founder at Digimatic, continues, “When I first saw the amazing dashboards and analytics provided by WinePulse, I knew right away that this was a unique opportunity to partner and bring email marketing data to the platform. There's nothing else out there providing this level of insight into Mailchimp marketing data. It's a game-changer.”

This new set of reports in WinePulse Analytics provides wineries using Commerce7 and Digimatic with the tools to track campaign success down to the dollar.  With deeper insight into their email marketing ROI, wineries are able to effectively track total sales, conversion rates and the AOV of their email campaigns, and automatically measure the impact of email automation, content optimization, and list segmentation over time. 

“Combining email campaign data from Mailchimp with order data from their POS is time-consuming and challenging for wineries. These new reports provide instant visibility to wineries to measure the true effectiveness of their email campaigns and automations, and to increase the conversion rate of emails sent into actual orders placed,” says Remy Sabiani, owner of WinePulse.

“We are excited to see our partners WinePulse and Digimatic collaborating together to not only add value to our platform but to deliver deeper insights and data that wineries can leverage to really benefit their business,” says Zach Kamphuis, VP of Business Development at Commerce7.

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About WinePulse

WinePulse is the leading DTC reporting solution for wineries with 150+ winery clients utilizing the platform. It includes 80+ analytics reports, dashboards and key performance indicators to easily track tasting rooms, wine clubs, events, eCommerce, and email data. The power of WinePulse helps wineries unlock insights, gain clarity across all DTC channels, and leverage data to make better-informed business decisions. 

About Digimatic

Digimatic is a veteran-owned business that provides state-of-the-art innovative technical solutions and consulting for companies operating in regulated industries. Digimatic’s integration platform is a robust, secure, and reliable way to connect online sales data with the most popular marketing and logistics tools available.

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